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Trademark Search

A trademark search is ideally an analytical and comprehensive way of researching a name, logo or slogan for prior use. It is highly advisable to conduct a trademark search before filing an application for registering a trademark. Before you file your trademark application with the USPTO, you should conduct a trademark search in order to make sure that no one else has filed the same trademark. You can also conduct a registered trademark search yourself by going to USPTO. This trademark search is only for relevant and required information, but every possible effort has been made to ensure accurate results.

Conducting a trademark name search allows you to make an informed decision about potentially conflicting marks. If it ensures that a trademark is available, an applicant can make sure that their trademark registration application will be accepted by the USPTO. We offer a free trademark search for you without any legal obligation. We ensure that all trademark search requests will be performed and the trademark search report delivered to you by next business day or else. Our experienced professionals will send you a trademark search report within hours. If you decide to fill the application we will help you in India Trademark Registration.

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