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Ready Made Companies

We provide offshore ready-made companies in different jurisdictions. Readymade offshore companies also called as offshore shelf companies, shelf off-shore. Our Ready Made company formations have several different names reflecting many types of business i.e. engineering, marketing etc. In addition to the specific categories of company formation we have also single named limited companies which can be used for virtually any trading purpose.

If you are looking to purchase a "Ready Made Company", in the sense that you are looking for a company which is already registered with Companies House, then we provide services whereby you can purchase a Vintage Company. These kinds of companies can be beneficial in terms of being a ready made style company, as they are already in existence and ready to use, all that is required to carry out a transfer process to register them in your name with all the relevant details. Already registered with Companies House, these ready made companies benefit from successful registration, up-to-date returns and accounts and more.

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