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Logo Registration

A logo is a sign, which can distinguish your services and goods from those of other traders and gives you an exclusive right to use it. Your logo registration will prevent third parties from using similar logo for similar goods and services as those protected by registering your logo in India. Logos play the most important role in marketing and brand recognition. These logos have become immediately recognizable as identifying the source of particular goods and services. Normally, companies will invest a lot of capital developing an eye-catching or flashy logo in order to build strong brand recognition. You can use your logo as a marketing toll so that customers can recognize your products or services. It is very essential to make your business successful and significantly more valuable once you have legalized the ownership of the logo for your product or service.

Our Logo Registration Procedure

The first step of logo registration procedure is to find out whether your intended logo is available for registration or not. We will provide you full support in order to save your money and time if the type of logo is already registered and therefore is not available for registration. We will not only carry out a comprehensive logo search on various registers, but also we will write a full report for you on our findings. We will conduct a search to register a logo, which is available or not. It will be completed within 24 hours.

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