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Brand Registration

Generally, brand refers to the trade mark used to distinguish the goods and services among the consumers. The business group sells their services or goods under the specified name or brand that is called trade mark. Thus, the brand is registered in order to avoid the duplication or use the same mark by others. In view of this, the brand registration referred to as trademark registration.

Brand equity measures the value of brand to the trademark owner. The brand name is used interchangeably with brand to indicate written or spoken linguistic elements of the brand. Brand name is a type of trademark that identifies the brand owner as the commercial source of services or products. The brand owner may seek to protect the proprietary rights in relation to a brand name through trademark registration.

Brand Registration services

The Brands can be registered in the following forms:

  • The verbal brand - A denomination, a slogan, written with Standard characters.
  • The figurative brand - A graphic element that does not contain ciphers or letters.
  • The combined brand - A written denomination with a special graphics and /or in colors or a denomination accompanied by a graphic element.
  • The three-dimensional brand - The brand made up of the form of the product or any other three-dimensional specific sign that allows the identification of a product or service.

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