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Company Formation in Canada

Company Incorporation in Canada can be incorporated under either the federal Canada Business Corporations Act or under the equivalent provincial or territorial legislation. Both provincial and federal corporations can be privately held corporations or can be publicly held corporations. Public corporations are governed by the applicable provincial securities legislation. While a company corporation can be considered a public corporation once it meets certain criteria and will in turn be required to adhere to securities legislation.

Incorporation procedures for both provincial and federal corporations are normally with the filing of the articles and by-laws of the corporation with the applicable corporate registry office and can generally be completed within a day provided that the corporation's name has been incorporated.

  1. Name of the corporation
  2. Reserving name.
  3. Registered Office
  5. Shareholders
  6. Directors of the corporation
  7. Officers of the corporation.
  8. One must select the fiscal year-end of the corporation.
  9. One may select the auditors or accountants of the corporation.

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