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Panamanian Company Formation

We facilitate the opening of Panama and other offshore bank and brokerage accounts. Our highly skilled and experienced lawyers are available to provide assistance in many areas of Panamanian and international law such as immigration and Panama passports, Panama real estate, project development consulting, offshore bank formations, alternative (non-bank) financial institutions, debit card issuance, and general administrative and funds management services.

If properly structured, Panama company formation allows global entrepreneurs to legitimately conduct international business from tax. The following information will help you in determining whether Panama company formation is the optimum corporate structure to fulfill your international business objectives:

Advantages of Panama company formation

  1. Panama company formation is cost-effective and fast. Panama company formation has no minimum capital requirements and expectations.
  2. Following Panama company formation, it is not necessary to file financial reports or tax returns, provided the company's activities occur outside Panama.
  3. If properly-structured, a non-resident Panamanian company is legally tax-exempt on income derived outside of Panama. However, an annual franchise tax of corporation tax.
  4. It is easy to open global corporate bank accounts to support Panama company formation.
  5. Panama is a member of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) which makes it a most favorable country to enter the American market through.
  6. A preferential property tax rate of 1% is offered to property owners who willingly update the value of their property (versus the usual 2%).
  7. Government plans include implementing a free wireless internet system across the island, which will extensively reduce the cost of international communications and facilitate expatriates and tourists communicating with their home countries.
  8. Panama was rated 4th by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine as a place that has the best foreign investment opportunities in the world.

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